Here is what students have to say...

Online Students

Sam Abraham

Khloe Meacock

"Klara's classes are extremely easy to follow, and she does a wonderful job in directing me diligently during the online sessions! She is very good with giving professional instruction on techniques and her notes are always useful for practicing at home. She is incredibly patient and I highly recommend her lessons to anyone who would like to start learning violin from scratch like me! Thank you so much Klara."

"Have you ever considered a piano lesson online?

After my 174th piano lesson Klara decided to travel overseas indefinitely. I was facing the daunting prospect of finding another piano teacher when Klara suggested further lessons via Skype. I thought the idea novel and impractical, but decided to try this 21st Century possibility. And what a success it has been! Klara is still beside me, albeit on a screen, and I have continuity in teaching, and maintain the rapport built between us over the years.

Piano lessons online - a definite possibility!"

Krithika B.

Chris Pound

"I have been learning violin online with Klara since February 2021 and recommend her very highly, not just for violin but also for singing and piano. Her very high level of talent in three different instruments gives her a special level of competence in teaching. All this, plus her extensive education and knowledge makes her a rare, talented and patient teacher. I would give more than five stars if I could!"

"Online piano lessons with Klara are a great way to continue my learning without leaving my house. With a busy schedule, knowing that I can come home and go straight to my own piano to see Klara saves a lot of angst and rushing around. Taking the travel time out of getting to a lesson has made things a lot easier for me.

The lessons run really smoothly and are helpful to ensure I'm on the right track, I can ask questions and keep moving forward.I highly recommend working with Klara, and am grateful that working with her online makes life a lot easier for me and allows me to learn and improve!"

Sharon Fox

Jagan K.

"Klara is a patient, proficient, and professional teacher, who consistently finds new and interesting ways of presenting information in a way that helps me grasp techniques and understand how I can improve. I highly recommend Klara as a music teacher, and also recommend having an online trial session, you won't be disappointed. 5 stars!"

"I have been learning violin with Klara since January 2019 and online since May 2019. The experience has been nothing but fantastic, Klara is a very professional, yet friendly teacher. She is upbeat in her approach to teach the nuances and she politely answers my vague questions.

Online lessons have been much more comfortable and effective than I expected them to be. I thought I could get away with my silly mistakes during the virtual lessons but Klara, the truly committed teacher she is, gets me all the time! She is present at every crotchet, every down bow and every time the pinky straightens up!

Thank you Klara for bearing with me, and thank you for being a wonderful teacher!"

Michelle Chew

"I started working with Klara in 2020 because I wanted to be better at something I love doing. I was too shy to look at in person lessons because the thought of going was just TOO DAUNTING AND EMBARRASSING! I sent Klara an email and with her kind encouragement I took the step to book a session.

What makes these lessons special is the relationship you build with Klara on your mutual love for music. She is super kind and encouraging, which makes lessons fun and something I look forward to every week. Klara meets you on your level of knowledge and I appreciate the effort she puts into explaining techniques.

In under a year I already feel more confident in my voice and I get so excited thinking about how many more songs I'll be able to perform to the many cars around me on my drives. No question is too bizarre and no mistake is embarrassing with her, so if you're thinking of doing something for yourself - GO FOR IT!! I'm rooting for you too ❤"


Elaine & Jim

"Klara took us both on to learn violin together. Not only was she up to the challenge of taking on two new students at the same time but she made it work seamlessly. She is a patient, adaptable, thorough and excellent teacher. We could learn at our own pace and we always left our lesson feeling more accomplished! Highly recommend Klara for beginners to the more experienced."

Sophie Ivory

"Very enjoyable lessons with a friendly and positive attitude to teaching.

I'm very happy with my weekly progression and would recommend Klara to anyone!"

Elizabeth Hewitt (12yo)

"Klara is my violin teacher. She is very encouraging and passionate about teaching me how to play the violin. She is always very helpful and fair. She is approachable, and it is always a pleasure to deal with her."

David Sheridan

"Klara is a great teacher of sound and timing. As a beginner adult learning the violin I found that she was able to push me at the best pace to keep my learning curve steep. I recommend her for anyone who has always wanted to learn but never did. Now is a great time to start, you're in good hands with Klara!"

Khanh Ha

"Klara has been my violin teacher for the past half year. As an adult student who is brand new to the violin (and to any musical instrument for that matter), I have very much appreciated Klara's teaching style: patient yet persistent; engaging, encouraging and challenging; structured yet tailored to my learning style and pace; and - on top of it all - she makes it fun."

Michael Collins

"Klara is a great teacher, and very patient with older aged beginners!"

Jenai Knight

"Klara is an exceptional music teacher who focuses on the importance of technique while encouraging progress. Her knowledge and experience is outstanding making the learning environment enjoyable and motivating.

Thank you for the lessons!"

Christine Hutton

"I have been playing violin for several years. After only a few months of lessons with Klara my timing has improved significantly; the metronome is now my friend! I'm looking forward to branching out from classical and exploring other musical genres, thanks to Klara's diverse teaching capabilities."

Hazel Loftus (11yo)

"Klara is incredibly talented and inspirational. I always look forward to her lessons because I not only learn and improve, I also have a lot of fun. My music sounds so much better than when I started - all because of her.

Thanks Klara!"

Laura O'Brien

"I decided to take up the violin in my late twenties and was keen to learn Irish music. Klara has been excellent teaching me from a complete beginner while incorporating lots of Irish music which I love. Lessons are always fun while still getting professional instruction on technique, creativity, and performance. Klara is warm, friendly and has a great ability to understand how people learn. I have no doubt that she is great with people of all ages and abilities."

Asha Nagle-Runciman (29yo)

"As a complete adult beginner, Klara was able to take it back to basics and improve my technique from the very beginning. I'd had two lessons previously with another teacher, but now I wish I'd started with Klara straight away! She's incredibly patient and encouraging, and full of insightful tips for improvement. I'm really looking forward to learning some Irish fiddle tunes when I can!"

Cherys Ghatt

"I've been playing violin for over 12 years before I found Klara as a teacher in 2014. At that time I was frustrated at the gap in knowledge between my theoretical knowledge and practical skills. So when I first met Klara, we identified my weaknesses/strengths and what my own personal goals in continuing to play violin were. From that initial discussion, we stripped everything back and started with developing strong foundations to build my theoretical knowledge which helped improve my practical skills immensely. Klara's lessons are refreshingly energetic, with a touch of discipline that includes small challenges she sets up for me to complete each week!"


Christopher Pound

"On recently resuming my piano playing after an absence of 35 years, I decided that if I wanted to progress, I should find myself a teacher who could provide inspiration, enthusiastic encouragement, guidance, and just a touch of discipline. Klara has exceeded my expectations and I am now confidently progressing towards my goals of competent piano skills and musical interpretation"

Stojan Veselinovski

"Klara is a wonderful piano teacher and has been teaching both my sons Alex and Marco for the past 3 years. They have both made huge progress and developed a great rapport with Klara. She makes the lessons fun and is very patient. They look forward to it each and every Monday. As a parent I'm grateful that Klara has managed to engage my sons in an activity they thoroughly enjoy."

Helen Gargan

"Klara is an inspiring young woman who has that wonderful ability to communicate with, and to teach people, across several generations from 8-10 year olds, the over 60's and those in between. I recommend Klara to anyone considering taking piano lessons. She is committed, encouraging & gives the right amount of challenge so one achieves progress without becoming discouraged."

Renata H.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Klara for piano lessons. Klara combines both a formal and informal approach adapted to the level of the student. My daughter enjoys attending weekly sessions and has already progressed."

Dianna McDonald

"My 12 year-old daughter has been having lessons with Klara for the past 15 months. She has made great progress and is motivated by Klara's lovely, supportive personality (and the prize box she keeps for kids!) Klara's approach is spot on - she's serious about the music but is encouraging, positive and a real friend to her pupils. We feel really lucky to have found Klara."

Khloe Meacock (27yo)

"I had always wanted to learn the piano, but kept putting it off and had no idea where to start... the best thing that could have happened was reaching out to Klara! She made everything so easy and made me feel at ease right away. It can be hard to stay motivated with new hobbies as an adult, however I've learnt so much in a short time and find that I'm always eager to practice and look forward to my next lesson. Klara has been a friendly, experienced and patient (!) teacher and I know that I'm in good hands!"

Jennifer J.V

"Klara is a gifted musician and a wonderful teacher to my two sons, but even more than that, she is actively working to create a community of music makers. This is something which is so vitally important for our world. Klara's students range in all ages and styles of music. Every year she holds two shows where each of her students are invited to perform and celebrate each other. It is always a wonderful event that demonstrates how music brings people together."

Mark Attard

"Klara started teaching my daughter piano a couple of years ago and now, at my daughter's request, she has extended that to vocals too. Emma thoroughly enjoys her time learning with Klara and has progressed dramatically under her tutelage...whilst enjoying every step of the way!"


Jared Hoffmann (20yo)

"Klara intelligently and fluidly responds on the spot to my vocal performance and my feedback, and often comes up with cleverly targeted exercises that effectively assist my specific shortcomings as a beginner singer. She clearly and professionally points out what was good and what can be improved in a professional manner so I can always see the way forward and can see my style improving."

Keira Dott (18yo)

"Klara is an amazing teacher! She is very approachable, friendly and professional. She is also very inspiring and motivational."

Helen Kocent

"I'm so glad that I found a teacher who my daughter could really connect with. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and actually even asked for them to be longer! I love the progress my daughter has made, as I see her increasing confidence with both singing and playing violin. Klara teaches with just the right mix of fun and attention to correct technique and style using music that my daughter enjoys. I would highly recommend Klara's lessons to anyone."

Damian O Keefe

"As an older student who had never had lessons, I was very nervous about having singing lessons, thinking that if I hadn't learned to sing by now I'd probably never learn. Klara has been very non-judgemental, supportive and encouraging, but at the same time has challenged me to work harder and improve. The lessons are one of the highlights of my week. Klara has taught me an extraordinary number of exercises and techniques, and every week there is something new. In the past three months of having weekly lessons I know I have gained confidence and control, and extended my singing range, something that my friends and bandmates have all commented upon."

Gary Dickson

"No question Klara is a great teacher, but what really stands out to me is how supportive she is. I was very nervous about starting singing lessons at first, but I've never felt anything other than comfortable with her. I've not only become a better singer, but also a more confident one, and that's all because of how encouraging Klara is."

Jo Moore

"Klara's lessons are a joy to go to. Warm up exercises have often seemed like a chore to me. Klara's explanations of why they are so important has helped me to enjoy doing them!"


"I thoroughly enjoy my weekly lessons with Klara - her approach has given me confidence and she is very patient with someone who is a complete novice!"

Farah Mattar

"Klara's teaching style is insightful and uniquely speaks to you in a simple and effective way. She has helped me as an aspiring artist: teaching me the confidence from within."

Riaan Van Wyk

"Klara's teaching style is a well balanced mix of technique, theory and musicianship. Her lessons cover tools and techniques to help with your performance while also covering the theory that will help you understand the "why" behind it. Vocal exercises and warmups made me mindful of how important taking care of my voice is, while I found the theory crossed over into my guitar playing."